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This is honestly ridiculous. Bought this Void Pro Yellow headset for my son for Christmas, he also got the K70 rapid fire and headset stand etc etc.

He loves his new equipment but was shocked when it completely went dead and it’s a brick now.

This issue has been plaguing this set for 3 years? If you accidentally touch a button while inserting the charger it’s gone.. then you have to come here and struggle and try to save it? It’s costs $130, and people are left out in the cold and made to try and finagle a fix on a help forum? Really?

I took the dang thing back to Best Buy and exchanged it. I told my son this thing is junk and it may happen yet again that I see tons of people struggling with this problematic headset on a website forum but he really wants this one.

Please not: I tried every single thing this forum said, uninstalled, reinstalled, etc etc nothing. Windows 10 never recognized. It was terrible so again, I just took it back and got a new one.

My question is... is there anything I can at the beginning to help reduce the chance this will happen with the replaced set now??

I don’t want it to happen again. Thank you in advance. Happy new year
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