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Originally Posted by miklolivier View Post
OK, so sorry about the delay to update this post, but it took some time for the problem to be solved.

So... What happened ? First, i made an RMA ticket on Corsair's website. They answered quite fast, and with the help of StormShadow (thanks a lot...) who relayed this post with the videos to the support crew, they concluded the unit was obviously faulty.

So they gave me 2 options :

1 - sending the unit for a repair
2 - proceed to a complete replacement

I took the second option, to verify myself if everything's all right with the new unit. They asked me a 500$ guarantee fee (which is given back in the end of the procedure), and they sent me a whole new unit from Hong Kong, via FedEx. We've lost a lot of time here (a full week) because of a misunderstanding, but when the unit was sent, it took 3 days to be delivered. I have to say the support crew was very nice and understanding, because i live in 2 different places and i often change from first to second then back to first, etc... and they payed special attention to calculate when the unit would be delivered to send it to the right adress. Thumbs up.

The plan was pretty simple : if the replacement unit was OK, i would be sending my original faulty unit to Corsair and keep the good unit, if the replacement unit was also noisy or had any other problem, i would be sending it back to Corsair, and my original unit back to Amazon for a full refund. In both scenarios, the 500$ fee was refunded.

The new unit was what i expected from a Corsair One : silent, fast, powerful. And as i suspected, the problem was about the GPU. I tested both unit with Furmark. The original faulty one was going up to 80C in a couple of seconds, making the GPU fan going to 3000+ RPM, and then the system was fighting to keep the GPU under 86-88C, with the helicopter turbine sound you can hear on the vids. The second unit, with the same test, slowly goes to 60C (taking 5 to 10 minutes for that), and then stays around this temperature. The most i've seen was 62C after an hour of burning test. And at this temperature, the GPU fan is around 1800 RPM, so it's noticeable, but not *noisy* and totally normal. And most of all, totally playable with. My other computer, with the same CPU (cooled by a Be Quiet DARK ROCK PRO 4) and an MSI GTX 1070 Ti Gaming is slightly more noisy at full load than this Corsair One.

So i installed the new system, tested it in all configurations (working, gaming, idling, burning, etc...), and when after a week i've seen everything was OK, i contacted the support team to send my original faulty unit back to Corsair. I reseted the unit back to factory state, put it in its original case, Corsair sent me a prepaid DHL label, and DHL called me to schedule when they could come and take it, which was done yesterday, without any problem.

Sorry for the long description, but i thought it was important to detail the whole process for other customers to have a full testimony of how things can go with Corsair support.

Finally, I must say i'm impressed. When StormShadow asked me to make an RMA ticket, at first, i thought it would be a long nightmare with no final solution, at least a full month of repair time, no real improvement when receiving the repaired unit, etc... and I hesitated a long time between trust Corsair and follow the replacement process or blow off everything, get the refund and look at another product. But I was wrong. Ok, we've lost time and it could have been faster, but the 9 hours time difference didn't help to have a fluid communication, i had a lot of constraints they had to deal with (and they succeeded to do it !), my english is not that perfect, and i'm sure it could have been way faster with other customers. The replacement unit was flawless, I had plenty of time to test, do what I had to do, etc... And finally I have a functionnal Corsair One, i'm happy, and the replacement process was not the pain in the *** I expected.

So I'm not saying Corsair can solve every problem like they did with mine, but I have to say they did a very good job helping me and solving my problem. And thanks again StormShadow for the way you helped things to go :)
Glad to hear things have worked out for you. I do my job for this kind of story. Thanks for sharing, it made my day!
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