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Originally Posted by akipfer View Post
oh now i get it....ok..ok..well i thought the fan curve was FOR CPU should be i think... Holly ****, i have this for about 2 years...have i hurt my water cooling?
Boy it would be nice if the link/iCue show up the CPU temp as well...
It does ... on the dashboard. Just not on this screen. I doubt you hurt anything.

Originally Posted by akipfer View Post
Not to be sincere, i don't understand why we need to hook up to CPU header fan if it doest do anything acordingly to cpu...LOL
Well, it provides a tach signal to the header so you don't get a CPU_FAN warning on boot. Also, with some coolers, this is how they are powered.

Originally Posted by akipfer View Post
but oh i have fixed my fan can u show a pict of your coolant curve/temp/speed? i would like that please...
Here's my curve for my ML fans:

Originally Posted by akipfer View Post
I'm confused, i thought WC was soposed to be quit...there's no way it would be quiet if a obey what u say about coolant temp...Right?
It can be. But, like everything else, you need to manage and balance it based on your system and your priorities. Mine is quiet. My fans never get up to high speed ... but I also have a very large case and a total of 13 fans in the system. So I can push a whole lot of air without ramping them up very much.
Please click "Edit System Specs" and fill out your system info.

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