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Originally Posted by Lumpus View Post
It's not a well thought-out sales promotion
The Corsair site was also crashing a lot yesterday, but the code was working again late in the evening

Searching hundreds of products yesterday (using the TREASUREHUNT code) so far has just yielded three actual products on sale - according to [H]ardOCP Forum and Reddit, but by then everything discovered to be 'on sale' was now out of stock :/
My favorite comment from [H]ard was...

Corsair trolling us, "here's a discount code, but good luck finding <stuff> that it works on, <word similar to suckers>!" :banghead:
This is kind, compared to some of the comments I saw later on Reddit.

Really seems a waste of time and abuse of customer patience to me...
Me? I'd have rather have had another plain 25% sale on Refurb, like the Memorial Day sale.
Yeah if they did a 25% off sale on the refurb store i would go ahead and purchase a Corsair One. The other day when I originally posted this thread the code was working that night however it was not giving a discount! It would say code applied in green but thats all. I'll check the website again when I'm back from vacation next week. I was wanting to grab some DDR4, 1000+ Watt PSU and some sleeved cables. I'm also very disappointed that a Corsair team member hasn't responded to this thread.
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