Thread: K70 LUX RGB 3 broken keycaps, need solution
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Got a CH-9101012-UK K70 RGB LUX Cherry MX Brown keyboard last year, and a lot of my keys are starting to get cracks on the + bit. Namely Z, ~, X, C, pretty much any key I use in gaming that I press from an uneven angle (for example I use ~ for push to talk and as such it's pressed at an angle with my pinkie as the rest of my fingers on the left hand handle WASD).

I got Z replaced via customer support, but with so many more others getting cracked I don't know what to do. I've used keyboards for over 2 decades and these cheap plastic keys are the fist to have ever broken on me. I am quite disappointed having paid 200$ on a keyboard just to have it break like this. Staying away from Corsair keyboards in the future, that's for sure
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