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"Stability" is a relative thing and a matter of how you define it. As snapper69 pointed out, Prime95 is absolutely brutal on Skylake (and Kaby Lake) CPUs because of how it uses AVX. It's also not a good measure of "stability" unless you are, well, only using Prime95.
Instead, consider what they meanest, baddest thing is that YOU do to your CPU and test for stability accordingly. For me, that's hours on end of video encoding, which I do pretty frequently. For my stability testing, I use ROG RealBench (which includes x264 testing) rather than just the x264 test because RealBench also stresses the GPU, adding heat to the system and really letting me know if I have my system's cooling dialed in decently. My 7700K is overclocked to 5.1 Ghz and fails Prime (also) but passes RealBench over 8 hours ... so I'm happy. It's also rock solid during extended gaming sessions. Since I'm on KBL/z270, I could probably put in the AVX offset if I cared to tweak it ... but I don't.
Finally, take a look at Not only are there tips, but you can see a list of overclocks that worked for others and some details on their settings. Interestingly enough, some of the MSI's have LLC in the comments although, personally, I don't recall seeing that when I had a z170 Gaming M5. (Not that it means much!) You will note that there are a bunch of Asus boards on that list (which is one thing that influenced my upgrade to an Asus Maximus IX).
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