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Originally Posted by red-ray View Post
Could you do a few RMAs? Given the Asetek H100iV2s keep failing I would be inclined to ask for a CoolIT H110i, will a 240mm cooler fir in the case?
I think... that the highly-deconstructed items:
Block screws were evil (smashed some housings)
Block channel guides are a rubber or silicone
Many, many hoses were cut
The Hose to Pump is a one-way clip (broken)
The main board is soldered to the pump motor controller board which is hardwired to the magnet windings (cut)
The LED panel is actually nice and I saved those

They are likely VERY out of warranty now. XD

Anyway, the case will handle a 240mm or 280mm on the top, a 120mm on the back, and a 360mm or 280mm on the front as long as the port extensions aren't too long. But I happen to very much like my HD120 RGBs and so sticking to 120s, 240s, and 360s is on the agenda. ;)

I will say, the block is absolutely BEAUTIFUL though. I couldn't get a single one to unscrew successfully, so the fins got dinged (T^T) but where they're not bent fins... wow... this is a REALLY nice copper block on the inside (The IHS side is still sad and should be polished better). If I could figure out a way to safely extract it and make it into a custom block...

Where's my calipers? *Goes hunting* Ah!

0.09mm copper fins with a 0.13mm pitch. ^.^
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