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Default H100i V2 Pump Failure Analysis

The first hint that something was terribly wrong was the slog of trying to do anything on the system.

"Why is it running so slow? This makes no sense."


"Oh really? Beep eh?" He glanced at the computer and noted the stark red glow of the Corsair logo on the H100i V2 pump.

A feeling of dread filled him as he started a monitoring program. Thermal throttling at 100C. CL4 reports: Pump at 0 RPM.

"Ah {censored}," he exclaimed, jabbing the power button, holding it down to force an instant lack of operation from the poor, abused system.

It's one thing to have a pump fail. Mechanical parts wear down. Parts eventually die. That's to be expected. Nothing lasts forever.

It's another thing entirely for this to be the third failed H100i V2 pump in a year.

Now, mind you, the computer is necessary for work. Downtime of more than a few hours is unacceptable, so RMA is out of the question. So every time this has happened, the reaction is, "Go get another H100i V2 at the store, swap it out, get back to work." The failed equipment gets tossed in the pile, forgotten, unloved, gathering dust until perhaps a future cleanup will send it to the trash.

Ah, but this time... this time it's different. A niggling recollection. A third addition to a pile that has a lot of similar parts. A A track of receipts: The first pump purchased in January of 2016. The second pump purchased in June of 2016. The third pump purchased in November of 2016. This fourth pump purchased in April of 2017.

As his eyes lingered on the pump pile, the corner of his lips twitched lightly. "Three. Three failed pumps." He half expected a crash of thunder and a desire to laugh maniacally, but thankfully that didn't happen. "Right then... let's get into these things."

About an hour later, he was shaking his head. "Well, the fins on the copper block are very nice, fine fins. I'm impressed at the quality of the block. Though it's interesting how much air is in the system, given that it's a closed system. And that color... that... that worries me. Then this." Tweezers held up a tiny, white speck, very much like a grain of sand. "They didn't. They couldn't've. No way."

The next system's radiator got a vicious shake and some tapping on the workbench before disassembly. Then the hose suffered the wrath of the cutting implements. Fluid poured from the system like the blood from a vein, laced with tiny, white, sand-like granules.

"And now for the moment of truth. Hi Radiator! DIE Radiator!" The resulting noise thereafter caused the dog next door to bark.

"Aluminum. They did. Corrode, and as soon as one unfortunate bit of aluminum oxide gets into the pump in the wrong place, it's game over."

"How often does this happen? Well, 3000+ reviews on Amazon. Let's see what we've got in 1-star reviews..."

The water pump died after 6 months of usage.
I purchased this unit in Aug of 2016 and installed it into a fully brand new PC build on an Intel i7 6700K 4GHz processor on an Asus z71 Sabertooth MoBo with Corsair Dominator 16GB (8x2) 3200MHz DRAM, EVGA SuperNOVA 850P2 PSU into a Corsair Vengence C70 series mid tower. A week ago on 3/27 the pump completely failed.
This worked fine for a month and then the pump died
Pump failed make sure u get a warranty. Such a waste of money having to buy another cooler after 5 months.
Pump died on me after 3 months
worked great for roughly 6 months, then the pump died
Dead in just ONE MONTH :(

I Left the computer overnight as always, in the morning I found it turned off, when I turn it on I got a CPU Fan error and the proccesor was 98 C :(

After many hours of checking the unit, even changing the thermal paste, I noticed that the pump was not working.
I got this in the mail and installed it and within a week the pump started grinding and gave out
It worked for one month and died.
DO NOT BUY!!! It has been 5 months and the pump failed.
Broke after 4 months.
5 month of use and the pump is dead.
Worked great for 3 months. Ordered back in August, it is now November and the pump has died. Had an h80i GT before this for about a year and that pump died as well.
I ordered it on August 30. On December 26 the pump completely died. Fans becomes too loud. I checked Corsair link software and found the pump was spinning at 0 RPM.
Experiencing a pump failure. I'm about 6 months in on the system, not particularly heavy use. Power system off when not in use. However pump failed after a few months usage. Seeking for a replacement from Corsair, customer service is atrocious, ridiculously slow, most importantly, I'm being told the item is backlogged.
failed 2 days later
Pretty akward to install, but seemed okay. Looked decent. Temps about the same as the the Gamer Storm single radiator liquid cooler I replaced with it. Big problem is: Installed Oct 1, 2016 pump dead as a doornail on Dec 17, 2016.
got it on july 19 2016 and its already having was working just fine then pump stopped working,
Pump dead after just 7 months
Piece of #%^* cooler worked great for 2 days then it stoped working contacted corsair and they said they would refund me as soon as i ship it back to them. I'm sure most of you know how that goes.
Pump died after 5 months.
Pump failed within only 4 months, CPU damaged. Costly product that does not deliver.

"Well, huh. Yup, looks pretty common. Playing Russian Roulette with a $350 CPU is always fun, right?"

Three disassembled pump-failed units. Corroded block and aluminum oxide granules in all of them. It's so tremendously easy to find water cooling advice that makes it clear that mixing aluminum radiators with copper blocks can be a bad idea and absolutely requires anti-corrosives.

This makes me sad. This means I've spent about $400 on these parts in around a year and a half. I'm gonna go spend the same on a custom loop now. *sigh*
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