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Originally Posted by parenek4 View Post
Yes that's true I'm really scared now. My son has been saving money for several years to buy a gaming PC and he asked his dad for help. I was thinking about building a PC together with him can be a good idea, but after remembering all the troubleshooting, it can create I decided to go for the pre-built system. We found a Corsair one, and it was gorgeous. The only one thing was that we needed to buy an SSD. We bought it and installed win10 on it and of course fortnite.
We were only happy for an hour or so. PC kept crashing... We restarted, cleared CMOS BIOS, followed all of the guides on this forum and nothing help. Then after one of the crashes, we got video artefact all over monitor and GPU is not recognised in windows. As I understand this PC is one with failure PCI Express bridges and we are stuck, my son was never happier :( . Any suggestions what to do now?
Please go to our support to create a ticket and PM me your ticket number, I will see what I can do.
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