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You can try the following:

- Double check that the PCIe ribbon cable is correctly plugged into the motherboard and video card, if the previous owner opened it up to remove an SSD, it's entirely possible something might've gotten bumped out of place.
- Setting the PCIe speed in BIOS to Gen 2 instead of auto/Gen 3.
- Updating the BIOS to the latest version for your unit.
- Replacing the PCIe ribbon cable in the system (we don't sell this as a spare part, but if you're not in warranty, nothing is stopping you from purchasing another ribbon cable elsewhere)

You can still try contacting our support team for help, the original purchase receipt/invoice from an authorized retailer would definitely help if the system is in warranty, but it shouldn't hurt to contact them if they have any additional troubleshooting procedures.

If the above suggestions don't resolve this, you should try to return the system to whoever you purchased it from.
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