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Originally Posted by Corsair Mint View Post
The inline capacitor helps with ripple suppression and should have an affect on your performance.
Is this to say it will have a positive or negative affect on performance? Are type 4 cables better than type 3? I have more type 4 cables available (PCIE, SATA etc.), should I swap these in over the type 3 ones I have that say "AXi 1200 only"?

I guess I should mention I have a very high end power board that supplies clean and stable power to my important electrical devices.

As I understand the AX1200i is a "better" model than the HX1200, but the AX1200i uses type 3 cables (and can be considered a type 3 PSU in terms of cables).

So with the AX1200i being a type 3 PSU whose cables were not released with inline capacitors, will type 4 cables including the capacitors have an affect on something? Hoping for clarification on this, as well as if *not* using the corsair digital link usb connection (don't have it anymore) would incur any performance loss i.e. what can be done fine-tuning wise in corsair link to your PSU to increase performance? anything? or is it just monitoring?
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