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Default AX1200i Questions

Hi guys,

Long time corsair customer, first time poster. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can help me with, many thanks in advance.

1. Would I be able to use the Type 4 CPU cable from a HX1200 with an AX1200i PSU?

2. If yes, would there be any performance loss in doing so?

3. Similarly, is there any performance loss associated with not using the digital link cables + software to monitor (and tweak?) the PSU?

4. Lastly, this question is more for a corsair employee: I've owned 4-5 high end corsair PSU's (along with all corsair peripherals) and I've never had a problem with any corsair products. Even if I had, being in Australia the warranty/RMA process seems very difficult. I had a work trip to PNG and returned last month but came home to discover the box containing just about all my cables gone/thrown away/nobody knows... Is there any chance Corsair would send me a new set of cables for the AX1200i? I have purchase proof and warranty information... Even if I could afford a new set of cables locally, the only supplier in my city can't give me an ETA, and there is not a single supplier for the digital link usb connector... I managed to scrounge together a few cables and I'm hoping I didn't make any mistakes but I'm mainly missing the ax1200i CPU cable and the link connector. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,
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