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Default Dummy RAM modules with LED

So everyone knows there's this new craze about putting LEDs on everything, well that includes RAM.
In fact, I quite enjoy this craze as some modules look astonishing! (Looking at you Vengeance LED)


Just look at this, there are honestly no words to describe how beautiful this is!

However, there's a slight problem!
A lot of motherboards today are dual-channel, so to squeeze the most performance out you'll need to be running with two good sticks only.
This leaves a gap between the RAM sticks open, which in my opinion doesn't really look nice.

What I would like (and many others) are dummy sticks to fill up those unused spots. Everyone loves looking at those systems filled with lots of RAM sticks with flashing lights, so why not be able to build a high-performance system as well as a good looking one? They would be a lot cheaper to produce as well.

A dummy stick with LED might be hard to make without causing some BIOS issues, but hopefully this can be resolved in some smart way.

Would any of you reading this like a product like that? (Dummy RAM stick, maybe of the Corsair Vengeance LED; the sexy one)

Share your thoughts in the thread.

Apparently, Reddit is backing up the idea.

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