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Originally Posted by Corsair StormShadow View Post
It's the resolution. The 1080Ti has a slightly higher temp. throttle point than any of its predecessor. The fan does run a bit loud during load, not something we can avoid unfortunately. But your temperatures all seem fine.
Well its so loud its hard to hear anything over it. 3k RPM is within normal specs / How loud should 3k RPM be with this model fan? Is there nothing to be done? I purchased this machine as it was advertised as quite. I watched lots of reviews and see even under load that there was little noise. Dont assume im being critical as ive played pc games for around 20 years now and this is easily the loudest.

Using an iphone app i paid for my house is about 20db right now phone on desk. C1Pro+ under load the Db in the room is about 75. So 55db is within reason?

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