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The only fan you can tune is the 120mm on the top of the C1.
You have to click over the rpm icon in the LINK software and you can adjust to max speed only.
The GPU fan can only be tunned via 3rd party software.
From your pic, all temps seems ok, although 85degC from the CPU could be something
I guess you are running WoW at max setting in a big resolution screen, so the GPU is giving its max.
Try to lower the resolution to test if the temps gets down a bit.
Also you have to know your temps at idle to be sure if something happend to the GPU behavior.
I mean, the GPU fan cool the mosfets from the card. If they get hot the fan speed up to lower the temps.
Also you can try to view if the airflow intake from the left side of the C1 is obstructed. The C1 needs to breath.

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