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Originally Posted by SouthseaCaptain View Post

Thank you for such a detailed explanation regarding bios release processes.

I do understand why Gen2 was forced in last bios revision.
Gen2 vs Gen3 is not a big deal, since cards we have on the market right now, don't saturate Gen3 bandwidth anyway.
By the time they will, i guess we will definitely have some updates.

On the other hand, who knows if new cards will have the same dimensions and we will be able to upgrade our units anyway
No prob. There are certain things I can't dive into details on of course, but that's generally how this process works across the industry +/- a few steps depending on the product and companies involved.

Also, reference versions of consumer cards shouldn't really change dimensions (no thicker than 2 slots, not taller than full-height, not excessively long) so I don't foresee that being an issue in terms of physical installation in the future. That can always change though, but it'd be pretty unlikely for such a drastic change to happen.