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According to a Corsair mod

If it's a lot code from 1725 to 1731, it's affected. If it's from before 1725, it won't have the issue.

Thank you to Corsair rep looking for ticket number. I will look this up and post separately.

A little update from me.

So after not booting at all, the next morning my Ti did boot, and I was able to get into the BIOS, search for DMI, and change to GEN2.

This then let me test the HTC Vive VR I have, by plugging the HTMI and usb directly into the front ports, with the C1 connecting to a 1080 TV via the rear HDMI.
Not without problems, sometimes again went blank via that rear HDMI, but after a few reboots seemed to settle.
Blank screened during Steam VR test first time, then seemed to settle.

Gave a top Steam VR of 11 as you would expect, and VR worked a charm..... except my Vive has a faulty controller and needs sent back.... not having best of luck.

I am a little undecided whether to RTM at moment, it seems ok under GEN2, just whether that rear HDMI is going to cause problems. Maybe I should buy a decent monitor and DP it, given the C1 power.

VR running flawlessly non overclocked, (with one controller only sadly), even supersampled to 2.0.

These are nice machines.
I am lucky this one is very quiet. Corsair link shows temps ok also.

Corsair Mods- for an Return, do you send out replacement unit at same time?
How long would I be without PC?
Need it for my business.

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