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When I first saw the Lucio character, the feature that really jumped out at me, other than his signature weapon and the bright bold green & blue colors, was his crazy hair. At that moment I knew I was going to somehow add Lucio's dredlocks on the top of the case, but didn't really know how I was going to achieve it. But after sitting down and getting a good look at the reference pics, I realized it was actually really simple... pipe insulation!

I went down to Lowe's hardware store and found all the pipe insulation in the plumbing section. I grabbed the smallest diameter tubing they had, and then test-fitted the larger tubing over it until I found the perfect size for the ends. Then it was just a matter of cutting them to random lengths with a sharp angle cut on one end, and six end caps.

To get them to bend and hold that shape, I used a thick gauge wire inside the tubing.

Due to spacial concerns inside the case, I had to mount the radiator fans on top, which meant I had to make a shroud to go around them. So I just cut a piece of 1" foam sheet to fit in the depression in the top panel, and tacked the dreds onto it temporarily to get a sense of how they will be situated.

Then it was just a matter of painting them. I went with a lighter green/yellow color, and a bright yellow for the caps.

Found a perfect place to put them to dry... :P

I neglected to get any pics of the shroud, but I just slanted the front, applied a few coats of bondo around the sides, cut the fan hole, and painted it.

The dreds were hot-glued to a fan grill I made from the original mesh grill from the front of the case.

On the front of the shroud I added a head-piece that was part of Lucio's headband, but I added the Overwatch logo to it.

So the Lucio mod is now complete and delivered to Corsair on Friday. :D But you will all have to wait until they present all the Overwatch mods to see the final pics. Can't wait to see what the others look like!

I would like to thank Corsair for giving me this amazing opportunity, and ASUS for providing the killer motherboard and graphics card for the build. :)
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