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Ok time for the Monday Morning Modding update, and I got a bunch of stuff checked off my list over the weekend... including the completion of Lucio's Sonic Amplifier! :D

So I got the Primochill flex tubing plumbed throughout the blaster, so the fluid will enter from the bottom (yes that is a Revolver rigid fitting with two caps on it that I drilled out so the flex tubing can pass through).

I also modified the Corsair AIO cooler to run the blaster in-line..

With the tubing done, I could start assembling the blaster. I used these heat-set inserts (as recommended by the tutorial from which I downloaded the 3D print files) You just heat them up with a soldering iron and they slide right into the plastic.

Wiring up the led ring lights..

This was a royal PITA fitting these into the top section. Once I got them through the holes, I had to add the tiny speakers behind them.

..and in! But alas, try as I might, I couldn't get the led rings to work. I checked voltages, continuity, everything seems correct, but they just wouldn't light up. Too many IPA's perhaps...

But no more time to mess with the lights now, I gotta get this thing together! So here it is in all it's non-lit glory..

I did manage to get the front lights and fan working, so all is not totally lost..

And I'll have the fluid running through it as well, so there's that. Next item on the list is the top bezel and the dredlocks. Stay tuned!
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