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Default Corsair Sponsored Build Log - Brian Carter - Lucio

Hey all, I'm on to my next build already (no rest for the weary modder!) :) During my Speeder build, of which Corsair became a sponsor, they approached me about participating in their mod contest. How could I refuse? All entries will be Overwatch themed, so I chose the character Lucio as the subject of my build. I'm using Corsair's Crystal 460X mid tower case, so this is the design I came up with:

It will have a full scale 3D printed Sonic Amplifier mounted inside, with the front coming through the front of the case. And with any luck (and time permitting), it will have working lights and sounds. :)

Corsair has graciously provided me with the case, as well as a bevy of other great components to use in this build..

Crystal 460x Mid-Tower Case

RM850 Modular Power Supply

H100i 240mm AIO cooler

RGB 120mm 3-Fan Kit

Commander Pro RGB and Lighting Node RGB LED strips

MP500 120Gb M.2 drive

Vengeance 16Gb RGB Memory kit

I've already started printing the parts for the Sonic Amplifier gun. I was fortunate to find a complete 3D model online, so that saved me a ton of time not having to create it myself..

There are quite a few parts for this thing, so I'll be printing pieces for the next couple weeks.

This is where a printer with a large print volume comes in handy. The Rostock Max has a 10"D x 15.75"H print area, so I dont have to slice pieces like this front disc..

Progress will be fast and furious on this project, as it has to be complete by September. So updates will be sporadic at best lol.

Lastly, I'd like to thank Corsair for inviting me to partake in this competition, and I wish all my fellow modders best of luck! :D

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