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Default Simple change in logic could resolve all the problems

Originally Posted by Corsair James View Post
The issue with, and why I didn't make left click bindable, is if someone misclicks the area on the mouse, you wont be able to do anything since left click on the mouse will no longer exist. I got some suggestions to prevent this from happening but Im not sure how many people will bind left click in comparison to the amount of work Id need to do. For now though, I'll keep an eye on this. I am glad you were able to find a resolution though.
Why not simply hard code it, so that if someone does want to add a macro to the left button, it always has the "retain key output" value set to true? then for the left handers, add a second function that remaps the right button as the primary button, along with the "retain key output" settings. This would permanently resolve the issue that someone ccould just erase their preferred primary click, while still allowing macros and the ability to switch for lefties.
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