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Originally Posted by Corsair James View Post
It has and still is being worked on. I can elaborate why its taking so long:

1.) We are not reusing LINK lighting patterns to save to the device due to the newer options of iCUE. We have to translate instead all of the lighting patterns from scratch to ensure the devices can use them as "hardware mode" for all of our strips and fans.

2.) We are working to add LL fans for hardware effects, something LINK couldn't do and is a new enhancement to better serve all your needs.

3.) We are not going to allow this to be toggleable per fan due to the hardware limitations. What we are going to do is you can select an effect and have it play all over your strips and fans as one effect overall (i.e., Wave will play over X number fans, X being the fans you designated in Lighting Setup). You cannot do Wave on Fan 1, Rainbow on Fan 2, etc. anymore. However, since software opened up a plethora of new effects, we felt this was a good compromise.

4.) This is currently still in development and undergoing massive testing since its all new code for this feature. I understand a lot of you are awaiting for this feature and I have not ignored it, but it will take some time to implement this in addition to all of our other features and enhancements. As you can see from the patch notes, iCUE is a massive beast that has many moving parts.
Why not just do a hotfix to allow the user to change the default to "Off" instead of "Rainbow" while you work on the permanent fix of translating code? Off can't be that hard to implement can it?
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