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Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
I am not even sure if I want to respond to your smart phone analogy... its a bit off since computer parts functions way differently from a smart phone.

But I will address your # users that are not happy with this default rainbow effect. CORSAIR has been known to listen to their customers for many years now. We've proven that in the last decade by releasing multiple product lines that are based on our customer's suggestions. We do value our customer's feedback whether it's positive or negative, we all take them into consideration and evaluate them for future implementation. So to be fair, you've got a valid point on this particular topic and like what I said on my previous post, I will pass this along to the right personnel so they can go over it and decide whether this feature will stay or not. Knowing how the process works, the team will have to evaluate this and determine if changing this feature will benefit the product or not. We'll just have to wait and see in the future if it's staying or not,

And I wouldn't call it a "bug" either, because it doesn't really cause any problems to any of the components when the rainbow effect kicks in. Saying that it is a bug or an issue is a bit of a stretch, a bit misleading if you ask me. I would call it a bug myself if It's a indeed a bug. But in this case.
It's not a bug correct, but you're killing potential customers here. I have never purchased anything other than USB thumb drives from Corsair previously and watched a review on iCUE and thought wow I want that customization. I spent $300 and got what I wanted, installed it, and am now dealing with this rainbow disco anytime my monitor goes into power saving mode instead of the customization I purchased the products for. I will never purchase Corsair again and I have already filed a return request with Amazon since it looks as if this issue has been ongoing for months with no fix.

Losing customers should be a HUUUUUGE priority for you Corsair guy or do you not care about layoffs and companies going under? Tech companies especially can go from top of the class to bankruptcy super fast. I suggest you change your mindset to customer retention instead of arguing with customers over if it's a bug or a feature. It may mean the difference between keeping a job or not. Highly unprofessional and turns me off to your company even more. Bottom line is customers voiced a complaint, all you should do is say we got it and provide a status if you have it. You should never argue with customers if you want to keep them.
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