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Originally Posted by Denzielnanda View Post
Is there any other spot where I am supposed to plug this? Also, what is the cable that comes from the cpu block used for ?
For the radiator fans... They will be controllable and programmable under the cooler tab in iCUE.

You may want to specify exactly which H100i you have. There are several different models of various ages that have that name. You should be using the splitter coming off the pump for fan control, unless perhaps this is the older 2013 model H100i that might be limited in control in iCUE.

The function of the 3 pin motherboard connector varies from model to model. On some it supplies power to the entire unit and it is critical it receives a full 12v/100% fan signal from the motherboard. Make sure the BIOS is set accordingly. Some have a SATA power supply and then the header is simply for reporting a pump speed (or a derivative of it) and preventing/reporting the CPU boot error. Still no reason to try and tune something that can't be tuned, so it is preferable to disable fan control for the H100i header for all models.
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