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It is showing you one action that is currently assigned to whichever button you have selected. You can select the trash can icon to remove the action from the list if you want, and then follow the directions below, or just select the button you want to disable, and then follow the directions below if you want to change more buttons. You can enable and disable the action by simply selecting the button again, and it's icon in the action list (on the left) will disappear if you had already assigned it, or appear if it was not (it is a toggle).

To change a key (like say the "forward" button), do this...

1. Click the "+" to create a new action.
2. Select the action you want to assign to a desiired button (in this case select "disable" from the list)
3. Select the button you want to assign the new action to.

You must do this for each button you want to change. If, for example, you wanted to disable the "Forward" and "Back" mouse buttons, you would need to create a new action as mentioned above for EACH button, ending up with two "disable" actions, each assigned to a different mouse button.
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