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Originally Posted by Corsair James View Post
I'll sticky this so people can use it at their own risk.
I found this thread while trying to also do stuff with left click, but the issue I have (which I can see is why it was disabled in the first place) is that it disables the ability to click on anything.

What I have been trying to set up is simply different lighting effects for the left click and the right click, such as red pulse for left click and blue pulse for right click (no fancy macros or anything, just wanted to try and make fun lights happen for when I'm playing FPS games), and I can easily get it to profile switch into and out of those effects when I click, but then I lose the ability to actually use the mouse for anything other than switching profiles, if that makes sense. I know iCUE has the option to retain the key press, so it works exactly how I want it to, but then iCUE can't be modified to allow the left mouse to be used for anything.

I'm still pretty new to learning how CUE works so if there's a way to make the profile switch retain the key press like iCUE can, and I'm just not aware of it, then that would be the easiest solution. Otherwise, I guess I will have to wait for iCUE to allow it (if it ever does).

**EDIT** I completely missed that icon in CUE where the 'retain key output' option is. So I'm all good for now.

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