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JUST FYI on main-board and that case! I had the same case and MB. Do to how the slots are setup on the EVGA CL 4way.. If you try and put 4 cards into that setup your not going to be able to with that case setup. If you look at the lower slots they don't have any-room to live. If you do only 3 cards your not going to have any room for an sound card or anything.

I had the same setup with my EVGA CL, that is up for sale right now. I picked up the Asus PT67 WS SuperComputer with 7 PCIE slots. Asus is very smart, they moved the X58 down to the lower right bottom of the board to keep the slots lined up with the case.

I am not sure if you going to be doing a 4 way or 3 way SLI but just giving you heads up.

Originally Posted by R3APER View Post
Just thought id post a few pics of my current build with the 4 way sli board and the 800d, it did require droping the zone peice a few mm but it fits, so im happy.
There is currently only a 9800gt which looks very sillly, just waiting for her fermi friends to come join the party.

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