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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
1) You can rename the fans whatever you like.

2) Running multiple monitoring programs each trying to grab the same data usually has consequences.

3) Sometimes it takes more than half an hour to learn the functionality of a program or system.

4) Yes, I can hear your cage rattling from here.
1, I know that but without knowing to begin with which fans are which in thte corsair app you can't exactly do much. You could change Fan #1 to cpu fan 1 only to find out later its actually physically plugged in to the chassis fan 3 socket on your motherboard.. Just naming everything in one big list from #1 upwards doesn't help anyone.

2, I don't want to be running multiple monitoring programs grabbing the same data. From all the product info and reviews I read about the RM750i before buying it, not a word was said about corsair link taking over the entire system monitoring/fan control, only that it can monitor the PSU data, Which is all i wanted it for.

3, Yup, true enough. Still doesn't change the fact that corsair link is trash.

4, I bet you can too!

Everything is sorted now anyway. Fans are all as they should be, the corsair trashlink is off and hwinfo is showing me 'most' of the info I wanted in the first place so it's all good.

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