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Originally Posted by Contiusa View Post
The problem is, I only found the cable in local US stores. Not even on Amazon. The cable that I bought was also available on e-Bay. The same vendor has cables for the RMX series (or some other model).

Do you know any vendor who ships it to Brazil? Corsair's site was asking me an US and Canada address only IIRC.

I incur in the risk, but after buying products from Aliexpress for years, what I see is that many of them are just OEMs from known brands (nowadays almost everything comes from China, Taiwan and such). I just bought a rad that seems to be the OEM of EK (double fins, which is not common). In fact I like Aliexpress more than e-Bay - way better tracking system / paying system.

I could try and contact Corsair Brazil, but I have a sense they won't order the cable and sell it to me. Am I right? Or it is common for local Corsair support to order and sell these things?
At the very least I would recommend you reach out to the Brazil Support team and see what they can do to help you.
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