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Both my XSPC sensors are on the Water In/Out sensors on the Code. When I set it up, I was covering my bases for how I would control things. Off the C-Pro (and Code T-Sensor) are two more probes that run to the exhaust side of the HW Labs 280 for the GPU. The exhaust air temp is effectively Water In temp and my GPU temp as well. Lots of redundancies, but that was intentional and I can switch between C-Pro or BIOS operation control by moving the connectors. Also, I like data.

The only thing that really comes to mind for your situation is the pressure drop when shifting from max to half speed causes pause in flow with the post radiator T-sensor detecting lower temps and the subsequent CPU and GPU blocks show a momentary spike as the coolant slows (or stalls) passing through, something a bit like fluid backpressure.

How long does the condition last? As long as the pump speeds are low? Or only a few seconds before returning to normal? It is just 2-3C right? (about what you can take out in a single pass). Another way to test would be to step the pump down in smaller intervals. So drop from 4900 to 4400 to 3900 to 3400 to whatever until you get to 2400. Give it a few seconds at each speed, enough time to let 1 unit of water do a full loop. Do you still get the surge?
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