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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
That's is a bit odd. I have the same XPSC 10K fitting in my system. I will try and replicate it later, although I suspect this might be a sensor location issue in combination with the surge from speed change. In the loop, is it in the lower center part of the fixed tubing, right after the pump on outflow? I can't tell flow direction from the picture.

**I can't recreate this. I have two XSPC 10K probes stuck into the ends of a false T valve entering and exiting the radiator. I normally run my much smaller loop at 2000, but shifting to 4000 does not cause any change in temps whatsoever. I would like to figure out where in the loop your sensor is before theorizing further.
My loop order goes res/pump>slim rad>thick rad>temp sensor>GPU>CPU>res/pump

So the sensor is right after the radiators and before the GPU and CPU, where the EK T-block is at the bottom. Perhaps I should run the test again and use a laser thermometer to check the water temperature? do you think this would be accurate?

Also are your XSPC sensors both hooked up to a commander pro?
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