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Lightbulb How To: Make RGB Extension Cables / Repair RGB Fan Connectors

One challenge that I've had with my RGB fans is placement of the RGB Fan Hubs. This is especially challenging in a large case (such as mine) and exacerbated by a desire for some manner of cable management - which means that cables cannot take the shortest, straightest path between point A and point B.

Extensions could help with this. A lot. Sometimes just an extra 30cm or so would be more than enough. But while the RGB strips come with extension and connector cables, the RGB fans do not. I've looked and extension cables can be bought at ModDIY ... $9.99 for a measly 10cm. That's less than 4 in.! Those cables are so short that it's laughable.

1: Connectors
The Corsair RGB Fans use a Molex 50-57-9404 4 circuit female socket connector. This is available from DigiKey for $0.27/each. These will connect to a Molex 70107-0003 4 circuit male pin housing connector and available for 0.57/ea.
The connector for the cable between the Lighting Node Pro/Commander Pro RGB ports and the RGB Fan Hub uses Molex 50-57-9403 female socket connector on both ends. For this cable, only 2 of the 3 connectors are filled. Pin 1 (where the arrow is on the connector; this is +5V power) is not connected on either side. This is the same connector that is used by the RGB LED Strips (except pin 1 is connected for this). If you do wish to make your own RGB LED Strip extension, the other end will be a Molex 70107-0002 3 circuit male pin housing connector.

2: Pins
The connectors are only one part of the equation. You also need the pins. The cables are crimped to the pins and then the pins inserted into the connectors. For the female socket connector, you need Molex 16-02-0102 female crimp connector (0.15) (Thanks to BobKabob for figuring this out ... this was essential in getting me going in the right direction.) On the other side, this will connect to a Molex 16-02-0114 male crimp terminal (0.25 / ea).

All told, the connectors and the pins for a single cable come to a whopping $2.24!

Note that these connectors and pins can also be used to repair RGB fan connectors if you've managed to disconnect the connector from the cable.

3: Wiring
The Corsair cables are 24 AWG twisted strand cables and look like they are probably tin; I doubt aluminum and it certainly isn't copper. Maybe tinned copper? Fortunately, 24 AWG wiring is really, really easy to come by; it's everywhere. That said, you can get cables that look very, very much like the stock Corsair cables from ModDIY. I also had some RGB 5050 extension cables laying around that I don't use anymore because Asus Aura is sooo 2016 ... while copper (so lower resistance), they are also 24 AWG. Here's another thought ... Cat 5 ethernet cables use 8 24 AWG cables. This means that, potentially, you could have a single extension cable for 2 fans! Oh, the possibilities are endless.

4: Tools
You'll want a crimping tool for these. Yeah, you could probably use needlenose pliers and get it done but the results would likely be less than ideal. Search for "Molex Crimping Tool" ... these are different from other crimping tools for larger gauge wire. You'll also want a precision wire stripper that will cleanly strip 24 AWG wire. These, of course, are reusable.

From there ... you strip and crimp, strip and crimp ... then slide the crimped connectors in to the housing. The biggest thing that you need to be careful of is to make sure that the wires are connected to the correct cables (straight through connection).

Parts Listings:

Fan Extension Cable
1Molex 50-57-94044 circuit Female Socket Connector
1Molex 70107-00034 circuit Male Socket Connector
4Molex 16-02-0102Female Crimp Connector
4Molex 16-02-0114Male Crimp Connector
14 wire, 24 AWGCable


Fan Hub Connector
*Note: Only connect pins 2 & 3. Pin 1 should be disconnected. Pin 1 is marked on the female socket connector with an arrow
2Molex 50-57-94033 circuit Female Socket Connector
4Molex 16-02-0102Female Crimp Connector
12 wire, 24 AWGCable


RGB LED Strip Extension
1Molex 50-57-94033 circuit Female Socket Connector
1Molex 70107-00023 circuit Male Socket Connector
3Molex 16-02-0102Female Crimp Connector
3Molex 16-02-0114Male Crimp Connector
13 wire, 24 AWGCable

YouTube video walking through the process of making these cables:

And yes, I have now successfully made an RGB Fan Cable extension as well as repaired an LL fan that had the connector detached!

If you want/need some custom extension cables (or even a splitter or two) but don't want to make them yourself, PM me!

Some results:
RGB 5050 (Asus Aura Sync) cable. Before and after:

Using the custom extension cable with repaired LL-120

Cat 5e Cable, Double Fan Extension cable (If you look closely, you can see the Cat 5e markings too!)

Using the Cat 5e Double Fan Extension Cable with 2 LL 120's
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This comment is provided "as-is", without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the sanity or mental fitness of the author. The author is not a Corsair employee, does not represent Corsair, and no comment should be construed as an official statement from Corsair.

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