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anvasila 06-25-2014 12:38 PM

Corsair K70, what about big enter key
Hello there,

First of all i'm sorry about my english.
The questions:

-About the enter key: I'm from greece and i always had keyboards with a big enter key and i really like it(one example here: I can't understant how it works. Where you place the one line enter key and where you place the big enter key. The problem is that i look to buy the k70 from amazon but i can't be sure if the keyboard has the big enter key. Is there a way for search these kind of keyboards?

-About the silver K70: I really like the black aluminum, but as i can see at all reviews videos at youtube the key light(at key character) is kind of pink. I really don't want to take a keyboard and have red backlight and the key characters glow with pink backlight. I don't know if this is a problem with the cameras or it is a real problem. So i start searching for the silver aluminum with the blue backlight and brown mx. But, i really can't find one. Is there an actual problem or i should wait? In greece all the stores got the black version and at amazon the silver version is currently unavailable for a month.

Thanks a lot, i'm sorry again for my english.
Really excited about K70, i hope in a fast response, so i can buy it as fast as posible.

(*Edit) WoW! GREAT JOB CORSAIR!!!!! I just see this video from computex 2014 for the new version of k70. So is it better to w8 till august for new version of k70 and brown switches? Althought i still got the problem with the enter key.

Toasted 06-26-2014 02:58 AM

1. It's based on the region of the keyboard.

E.g. CH-9000004-NA The last bit "-NA" indicates the layout.

anvasila 06-26-2014 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by Toasted (Post 716713)
1. It's based on the region of the keyboard.

E.g. CH-9000004-NA The last bit "-NA" indicates the layout.

Nice! But what last digits got the big enter key?

Toasted 06-27-2014 01:45 AM

The last bit indicates the layout of the keyboard.

For example
CH-9000003-UK is the K90 in UK layout.

CH-9000004-NA is in the US layout.

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