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cptfap 02-10-2019 03:24 PM

PC Upgrade: What would you change/buy?
Good evening,

I'll be looking to upgrade my PC soon enough with some new components and figured I'd post a topic here to see what you would do/change to give me some ideas!

My current rig is listed here:

I will approximately 1,000 to spend towards the rig ($1,135 approx) and I'll be selling of any old component to add some extra cash towards the rig, i.e. purchasing a new GPU, selling off the old one.

Thanks for any feedback :D:

Zorlacc 02-18-2019 02:38 PM

Fast look for me I will never use a San disk SSD as I have had a few fail over the years. I will only use a Samsung or Intel SSD if I cant get my paws on the Samsung SSD then Intel SSD. I did not look up your MB cpu and ram just make sure the QVL on the ram is made for the MB and the CPU will work with the MB. Lots and lots of homework makes a good stable build.

GuruSR 02-20-2019 04:27 PM

Myself, I'd drop the SSD completely, jump to a board with Z390 and an M.2 and go with an NvMe x4 drive (Intel, Corsair, Samsung), specs on read/write would be the best with MTBF values to match as well as online reviews. Have an MP500 in a current build with Z390, nothing like less than 2 seconds from post to Windows in 4x mode, though avoid adding multiple drives as such unless you're going to RAID them, a 2x 2TB drive RAID 1 could easily be separated into 2 drive letters if necessary. Just may also want to think of backups later on, what isn't important goes on the mechanical and what is goes on the solid state.


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