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Suzumi 06-07-2018 02:07 PM

VOID surround (cable version) right ear stopped working
The right ear of my VOID surround suddenly stopped working today. It stopped right after I unplugged it and plugged it back in. Software wise I don't think there is any problem. I have tried force updating the firmware, and checking if windows wasn't doing anything weird to it. I connected it to my iphone and that didn't work, as the right ear was still dead. If I adjust the volume balance in windows so it's at 100 on right and 0 on left, I can hear a tiny sound coming from it, so it's not completely broken. I think I might have done something by unplugging it multiple times because windows' sound driver was freezing randomly. Anyone have any advice?

Corsair Mint 06-13-2018 01:12 PM

Hi Suzumi, if the issue was still there on your iPhone, too, there may be an issue with the headset. If you can, try on another computer. It could be the headset itself that's having an issue.

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