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jcmoxy 05-25-2018 01:32 PM

Max Fan Speed for H80i v2
Hi. I recently replaced an H90 AIO with an H80i v2 AIO. The new cooler is keeping my CPU (i7-8700K) @ about 3-5 degrees C warmer (30C - 35C at idle) than my older H90 AIO (About 30C at idle). On the H80i v2 I used stock TIM, whereas on the H90 I used Grizzly Kryonaut, also the H90 pulled air into the case whereas the H80i v2 blows air out of the case. So, maybe with a few tweaks I can get the H80i v2 to where my H90 used to be ... some stress testing will eventually tell when I get the time. Any tips on improving performance is welcome.

So, my question arises from one of the H80i v2's tech specs. The box says the fans max out at about 2435 rpm. However, Corsair LINK software suggest that at 100%, the CPU fan's speed sits at just about 2000 rpm. Also, some software that came with my mobo (AORUS Gaming 7) suggests the CPU fan maxes out (and is running) at about 1442 rpm.

This told me I may need to take a look at some BIOS settings. It features the option to set the CPU_FAN header to AUTO, VOLTAGE or PWM. Which should I choose? I'm presuming the VOLTAGE setting will allow me to set a specific voltage to the CPU_FAN header; and I read in various places the H80i v2 requires a continuous 12 volts. Is that correct? At the same time, the SP120L is a PWM fan, and that makes me think I should choose PWM. (I'm guessing the correct selection here will let me reach max fan speeds as indicated on the H80i v2's fan tech specs)

At the moment I have the CPU FAN header set to auto.

Thanks for any tips and/or advice. This is a second build (an upgrade to my 1st), and I know just enough to know there's a lot I don't know about building PCs.

DevBiker 05-25-2018 07:03 PM

The CPU Fan reading for the H80i V2 is 1/2 the pump RPM.

You can get the speed of the cooler's fans in Link. The stock fans should be around 2400 RPM, IIRC - other fans will have different speeds. The fan connector supplies power to the H80iV2 and does need the full 12V at all times. Setting it to PWM mode or setting it to 100%/Full Power/Speed Control Disabled (the terminology varies by mobo manufacturer).

Regarding the airflow ... keep in mind that when you configure the cooler as exhaust, the air that's going through the radiator is the air from inside your case. This is going to be warmer than the external ambient air because your components - especially the GPU - generate heat. The coolant can only be as cool as the air that's used to cool it and the CPU can only be as cool as the radiator coolant. That's physics and you aren't going to change it.

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