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Dan_O 05-25-2018 12:23 AM

T1 race pop
So I just recently got the t1 race chair. I am very happy with it but something bothers me. When I lean forwards or backward the seat pops well it sounds like it but nothing moves. Like when I lean backward back before I hit the spot where the spring thats attached to the seat starts to move, this pop occurs pop or snap. Sounds like something is touching just the edge of another surface and when you lean it presses down on that edge going over it.
Im sorry I cant explain better. Ive tightend the screws some more and it got a little better but not compleatly gone. Is this kind of thing normal?

Corsair Mint 05-25-2018 12:43 PM

Hi Dan_O,

Does this happen at all heights? Also, can you check the covers for the sides? See if they are rubbing against any areas when you lean back.

Dan_O 05-25-2018 01:24 PM

Yes I have tried different heights no change. Its not the plastic on the sides. Ive looked very closely and listend. It sound as if it comes from right below the seat. Ive tightend the screws no change. Its not that it annoys me a lot but If there is a fix it would be nice. Thanks for replying!

-EDIT- At a closer look and feel I think its from the spring under the seat. I have tried turning it in both directions and the sound changes When I feel with my finger there as I lean back I can feel the "pop" in my finger.

Corsair Mint 05-30-2018 11:57 AM

Hmm, sounds like it could be the spring, but I'd recommend putting in a ticket with support, they can help narrow it down and replace the parts if needed.

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