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hastedday 03-04-2018 07:29 AM

570X and Crosshair VI Hero
Hi, is anyone having problem with 570x case compatibility with H115i? My mobo is Crosshair VI hero but it seems i cannot mount the rad on top due to the heatsink of crosshair VI is too big. Any suggestions about this? I made a mistake also the H115i fan is 140mm and i only have 120mm. I want to mount the rad at the top but it seems impossible. Any help? Thank you

Corsair CJ 03-20-2018 05:06 PM

You'll need to mount the H115i to the front of the case.

noMercy 05-30-2018 04:57 PM

I have the Crosshair Hero VI in a 560X. Dude, you should watch reviews on your cases. Linus and Hardwarecanucks all stated top clearance issues.

If you mount on the front , this will limit how long your graphics card can be. I have mine in push/pull and my GPU only just fits.

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