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Khemist74 09-14-2018 08:55 AM

Connecting AIO USB to Commander USB?
Any problems with connecting the H150's USB connection to one of the Commander's USB headers? I'm pretty sure my motherboard has an additional 2.0 internal header but wanted to check on the option of using one off the Commander Pro. I'm trying to put all ML Pro RGB fans in my 570x case: 3X120s in the front for the H150, 2X140s for top exhaust, and one 120 for rear exhaust.
For the Corsair logo's I know I'll need another RGB fan hub since the six fans will attach to the one existing fan hub that came with the case. I plan on getting the triple pack of the ML120s (plus one single 120) which come with a lighting node and RGB hub.
Looking forward to controlling the speed of the fans instead of them all at 100%.
Anybody see any problems?

DevBiker 09-14-2018 09:36 AM

First, it does work to put the AIO USB connection on a Commander Pro. I have two system set up exactly that way.

However, there have been issues with (at least) some folks using the USB ports on a Commander Pro with (at least some) AMD motherboards. It's not distinct to the Commander Pro but also appears to impact other internal USB hubs. Exactly which boards have the issue and/or which settings need to be tweaked is a bit unclear, however. My son has an AMD system with a Commander Pro and the USB on that is just fine. So ... that's a potential issue. Or maybe not. Wish I could be more definitive about it.

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