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LeglessRabbit 04-11-2017 06:07 AM

Hey everyone, not sure if this is the right section to post this in, apologies if it is not. I'm from Canada and I wanted to get a birthday gift for my brother. I ordered the k70 keyboard with red switches. It was on sale for 129.99$ usd and shipping was free so I figured I'd got lucky up north here not having to pay an insane amount of $. I ordered it on the 8th and the shipping said 4-6 days so I figured I'd have it in a week, maybe a little extra. I got my tracking number and the package estimated time says april 25th, which is 9 days after my brothers birthday lol... Is this an accurate time estimation? I wouldn't have ordered it if I knew it was a 19 day shipping process, amazon would have been 2-3 days. Has anyone ordered something and had a far off shipping date but got it rather soon?

headcrash 04-14-2017 10:27 AM

In my brief research it sounds like they can be very slow to ship with direct orders. This is unfortunate because I ordered my case, fans, and PSU directly 2 days ago and all I received was a shipment notice for some sleeved cables and the fans. As of tomorrow I will have a complete computer minus the case and PSU. It's partially my fault for not doing the research, but Corsair should be putting stock notices or ETAs for date of departure for shipments on the purchase page. It's very reasonable to expect something to be sent the business day of purchase everywhere else. Had I known this was going to be the case, I would not have ordered directly.

Sorry your brother's gift is likely delayed. Me and my naked computer will be empathizing.

LeglessRabbit 04-19-2017 01:50 PM

Yeah I wouldn't have ordered from corsair, I would've just picked something else if I knew they weren't providing actual shipping times. Seeing as it said 4-6 days on their "Now free shipping" and yet it takes from the 8th-25th. Very disappointing, kind of ruining the excitement of actually buying a gift for someone.

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