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cescop 12-10-2018 04:13 AM

H60 possible issue?
Hi guys, I have bought an H60 2018 cooling system. Saturday I have mounted it but I have a doubt: from the cooling unit I have two connectors,one with SATA plug to power on the unit and another 3pin plug like traditional fan with only one conductor solded. So If i put this 3pin connector on CPU_FAN on my ASUS B85M-E the system stop booting for no CPU fan connected. At the moment I have connected di radiator SP120 to the CPU_FAN and the temperature of the CPU is about 30-35 celsius degree, but I have one plug from the cooling unit not connected yet.
The question is: there is an issue with my new H60? or I have an issue between M/B and the cooling unit connections?

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Corsair Jam 12-10-2018 02:39 PM


Most motherboards have a fail-safe which helps catch CPU_Fan related errors. The 3-pin header is used to help prevent this error. The pump receives its power from the sata power line and doesn't necessarily require the 3-pin header to be plugged in. You should be able to go into your Bios and disable or tweak the CPU_Fan error message. You could also hook the fan directly into the CPU_Fan, which should prevent this error and the 3-pin header into a CPU_Opt or a W_Pump header.

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