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Xeby 10-21-2018 03:29 PM

H150i Pro Does Not Show in Link or iCue
I recently put together a build with the H150i Pro and while it turns on and the fans spin, it is not detected by any software. I have tried with both Link, iCue, and both and still do not get it to show up.

I have used the tool USBDeview and I do see that Corsair H15i Pro shows up, but it is not highlighted and says Device Type Unknown.

I have looked in Device Manager, but do not see anything Corsair specific listed under the USB section.

My build details are in my profile I think, but let me know if there is any additional info you need.

DevBiker 10-21-2018 04:39 PM

It sounds like the driver isn't installed properly. Try reinstalling iCue.
If that fails, you can install the driver manually. You should see an "unknown device" in Device Manager. Go to Update Driver and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software\driver\siusbxp

Xeby 10-21-2018 06:30 PM

I have tried reinstalling Link and iCue as well as reformatting the whole OS and trying again and I still get the same result.

There is no "unknown device" in Device Manager. Using usbdeview is the only indication I have that the computer can see the device.

DevBiker 10-21-2018 07:04 PM

What happens if you unplug the USB cable from the pump and then plug it back in (while the system is running)?

And can you show a screen cap of USBDeView?

Xeby 10-21-2018 08:09 PM

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It seems that after unplugging and replugging the usb cable from the pump will cause the H150i to show up, but once I restart the computer its back to not seeing it again until I replug it. I can also notice usb connected/disconnected system sounds a few times when doing the unplug/replug, maybe its loose or something. Could the cable be faulty or the usb port on the pump be faulty? It will disappear from view after a restart even if I don't touch the cable from its previously working placement.

Here's the usbdeview - it doesn't change the listing for the H150 whether it shows up temporarily or not it displays as the same.

DevBiker 10-21-2018 08:58 PM

So ... that's showing as disconnected. What you are seeing there indicates that it was once connected but now isn't. Windows still retains information about it.

Now .. the fact that unplugging and replugging it brings it up tells us something - the issue is with the Windows USB initialization on startup.

Start with disabling Windows Fast Startup ( From there, check the BIOS and make sure that XHCI Hand Off is enabled (in the BIOS) and disable the BIOS fast start.

Xeby 10-22-2018 11:01 PM

I seem to be getting more inconsistent results. I don't think it is the windows startup, as while testing that issue I found that without changing anything the H150 would stay detected after a few restarts. I thought everything might be fine, but then it disappeared again and would not reappear simply from unplugging the usb from the pump and replugging it.

Now, Link doesn't see the thing at all and iCue claims it can see it, but has no control over the fan or colors and even when it is unplugged iCue still claims to see it. It does not appear in Device Manager, when it did during the brief time it appeared, so I would wager it is not connected again and iCue is wrong, but I don't know why it isn't being spotted. Do I have to RMA the whole pump for a faulty usb port?

DevBiker 10-22-2018 11:43 PM

Are you running any other monitoring tools? HWInfo? Aida?

Xeby 10-23-2018 12:03 AM

No other monitoring tools.

Right now I have iCue set to be a static color so when the cooler is in rainbow mode it isn't connected. I have been able to press the usb cable port towards the motherboard and get the USB connected windows sound and the color changes to match iCue, but wait 30 seconds or so and it either disconnects itself or physically gets disconnected and needs to be prodded and wiggled until it'll snap to the iCue color with a usb sound.

Edit: Further testing with audio cues seems to be that if I push on the port I get a connected sound and the color syncs up, but as soon as I let go I get a disconnect sound. It seems it takes a few seconds longer to go back to default rainbow color, but the disconnect seems to happen immediately. Quick connects and disconnects.

Xeby 10-23-2018 10:05 AM

Follow-up test - I used a different regular micro-usb to usb cable and plugged in the pump to a regular USB port using this new cable and its fine, doesn't disconnect between restarts, seems to be fine with that cable.

However I don't want to run a cable from my pump to outside of my case, so this is only a workaround and not an acceptable alternative, but at least the problem seems to have been narrowed down. It's either the original usb cable, or the port on the pump is finicky enough that the new cable fits in better enough to make a difference.

Is there a replacement available for just the cable? Hopefully that's enough.

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