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illogik 05-15-2019 11:25 AM

So I just bought a RM750i which I got delivered this morning and have since fitted.

All went perfectly until I turned on my PC with the Corsair link cable connected.

Now 1 of my 3 case fans has disappeared from the bios and is showing as 0rpm on the Rainmeter/HWiNFO plugin I use. The fan is still spinning though. This is before I even installed the Corsair Link software.

I then installed the Corsair Link software. It is showing me 7 different fan readings and doesn't identify a single one of them. They are all just called mb fan #1, mb fan #2 etc.

It shows me 13 different temperature readings for my motherboard, also, none of these are identified at all, just named #1, #2 as above...

So, I turn off the PC and unlug the case fan that has vanished from the bios and Rainmeter and plug it into the one spare motherboard fan header I have available. Turn PC back on, now 2 case fans are gone from the bios. There are 3 plugged in, all 3 are spinning yet only 1 shows up everywhere except in Corsair Link.

All I wanted was the advertised ability to monitor the PSU information. Power usage, fan speed, efficiency etc etc. The fact that I have to hand over the monitoring of my entire PC AND control of all the fans in my PC, to the Corsair Link software just to be able to monitor the PSU is pretty mind boggling and very disappointing.

It's also hilarious that the Corsair Link software lists so many sensor outputs yet names NONE of them Except the PSU ones. Also doesn't identify any of the fans in the PC. What use is that to anybody? Hmmm Fan #1, is that chassis fan 3 or is is cpu fan 2, what is this? a lucky dip? 13 temp readings from the motherboard alone, NONE of them identified. oh look, something on my motherboard is getting quite warm at 44c, I wonder what it is, the northbridge maybe? Who knows! This is shockingly bad as far as I'm concerned.

HWiNFO which I use, identifies every single sensor in the PC, it doesn't hijack control of all my fans (which it also identifies).

So, I either hand over complete control of everything in my pc to this garbage program so i can check on my PSU information occasionally, or I uninstall Corsair Link, unplug the link cable and have everything back to normal but of course then I can't monitor my PSU at all. Really good job there Corsair, seriously.

I just want to monitor the PSU, as advertised! Really corsair, i expected better from such a (usually) good, reliable company.

So now I am about to go and remove the link cable and uninstall the software. After just having read some of the nightmare stories online about people who have done just that yet still had no control over anything until they scoured the registry painstakingly picking out the Corsair Link entries etc, I am hoping that is not the case for me. I Hope I get back my fans that vanished from the bios and also the control of fan speeds.

Really, is it so hard to let me just monitor the PSU alone?

illogik 05-15-2019 11:37 AM

So here I am back after removing the link cable and uninstalling the software and lo and behold, I am still missing a chassis fan from the bios and in windows....

Now I have to sit here and spend time finding out how to restore the missing fan back to the bios, thanks a bunch Corsair. Knew I should have bought a Seasonic instead and next time I will.

illogik 05-15-2019 12:16 PM

Well after lots of unplugging a plugging in of case fans and pc rebooting etc I now have all 3 case fans showing again in the bios AND I have the link cable plugged in and after checking HWiNFO I see all the sensor readings from the PSU are right there so I don't even need to install the trash Link software.

So, the mission to silence my PC is almost at an end, theres just the small rattling of a certain HDD cage in my 750D, hmm who makes those again...? oh right :p

c-attack 05-15-2019 01:09 PM

1) You can rename the fans whatever you like.

2) Running multiple monitoring programs each trying to grab the same data usually has consequences.

3) Sometimes it takes more than half an hour to learn the functionality of a program or system.

4) Yes, I can hear your cage rattling from here.

illogik 05-15-2019 02:18 PM


Originally Posted by c-attack (Post 1004668)
1) You can rename the fans whatever you like.

2) Running multiple monitoring programs each trying to grab the same data usually has consequences.

3) Sometimes it takes more than half an hour to learn the functionality of a program or system.

4) Yes, I can hear your cage rattling from here.

1, I know that but without knowing to begin with which fans are which in thte corsair app you can't exactly do much. You could change Fan #1 to cpu fan 1 only to find out later its actually physically plugged in to the chassis fan 3 socket on your motherboard.. Just naming everything in one big list from #1 upwards doesn't help anyone.

2, I don't want to be running multiple monitoring programs grabbing the same data. From all the product info and reviews I read about the RM750i before buying it, not a word was said about corsair link taking over the entire system monitoring/fan control, only that it can monitor the PSU data, Which is all i wanted it for.

3, Yup, true enough. Still doesn't change the fact that corsair link is trash.

4, I bet you can too!

Everything is sorted now anyway. Fans are all as they should be, the corsair trashlink is off and hwinfo is showing me 'most' of the info I wanted in the first place so it's all good.

illogik 05-15-2019 03:04 PM

Hmm no clue why I put AX750i. Been reading too many psu reviews etc I guess :/

c-attack 05-15-2019 04:50 PM

Link does not have the ability to take over anything in your current system, with the exception of a few PSU settings. It cannot control motherboard fan headers or anything else -- only monitor. If you prefer HWiNFO for that job, that's fine and you should be able to use that without the need for Link. HWiNFO should be able to register most PSU usage and power data.

The one thing HWiNFO can't do is change the fan curve on the RM750i. However, once you set that to what you want with Link (if you even feel you need to change it), you can uninstall or simply set Link not to run on start up. You can now use HWiNFO freely as you normally would. The one answer I don't have is if you will need the Link cable for the PSU. I have a different brand of PSU that does not have any special power monitoring software. I can read most relevant PSU data through HWiNFO. The one thing missing is PSU temp, but I approximate that another way with a exhaust temp probe. Close enough for me. I don't know if you will need the Link cable for HWiNFO to pick up the PSU temp data or if it can do it through the motherboard. "Power efficiency" may not get picked up by HWiNFO at all, although since it is a calculated rather than a measured value, it is more of a bell/whistle than critical metric.

Incidentally, Link went end of life a little over a year ago. The replacement program is iCUE, a merger of Link and the prior CUE2 program used to manage peripherals. I am NOT suggesting you try iCUE instead. It has a heavier GUI and is more useful for those with a broad spectrum of Corsair internal and external devices. I do not think it serves your needs. Just FYI and don't expect any further Link development.

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