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alex35 05-08-2018 10:27 PM

Trying to match keyboard and mouse rgb

I have been trying to understand CUE for a bit now and still have some troubles. I have a K55 RGB and a Harpoon RGB mouse, I was wondering if its possible to match the RGB colors in sync with each other or not.

I have tried to search up videos but they do not really help, all they do is to teach me on how to put new patterns for each device but they are not in sync.

All help will be appreciated

Thanks :biggrin:

xMacias 05-09-2018 02:46 AM

Normally, when adding a Lighting Effect to your device, you need to find "Lighting Link" which has a list of effects that will automatically sync on devices. This is available on your mouse, but unfortunately the K55 has not supported in Lighting Link. Your current option would be to use a Static lighting effect for both devices. If you use Color Pulse or Color Shift with Alternating Colors, they may desync over time, but I'm not sure.

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