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OLK 09-16-2009 03:15 PM

H50: lapping, impressions, pix

first of all I like to thank corsair for a great support in this forum. this actually made me buy my first corsair produkt, and I think more will follow.

today I got my H50 and startet lapping it right away. not that I thought it may need it, but i was goin to lap my cpu (q6600) anyway.

before I got startet I plugged the unit in to check if all is running fine. to be onest the pump was quite noisy but better when holding tight.

after that I startet lapping which took me quite a while, probably because I havent done it before.

I thought getting it mirror like should be possible but with my 360er, 400er, 600er, 1000er, 1200er sandpaper and polish i did not archieve the goal. On the picture the CPU looks pretty bad. I wasent finished after the photo but well no chance to get it all shiny in time. but I think good enough.

after that I applied the thermal grease on the cpu and removed it partually with thin plastik foil, to make shure, only a thin layer remains.

here some pixs of my system interior:

when I startet my pc I noticed the pump and I thought there is no chance but getting it RMA'd. but after I closed the case the noise was less noticeable. and above my desk I can not really hear it over the fans and manly my hdd's. but I'm not happy with my system noice allready but I'm not shure what to do and where to start.

temperature: the performance is not very noticeable in non OC and idle situation but still a few degrees below (I had a very good airflow already). since I havent done serious testing I cant tell u hard facts, but wenn OCing my Q6600 to 3500MHz and starting a game (Anno1404) all my cores stayed below 40C. With stock cooler I got 60C rigth away without even starting anything.
maybe I'll ad some testing here, but for now this is all I can share since I'm still getting into it.


-cooling performance
-very easy to install
-less room needed
-unit looks nice and solid

-pump noise (to be fair: in my almost quiet setup hard to notice from 1m away. may depend on case)

RAM GUY 09-18-2009 12:14 PM

Thanks for the post, glad to hear everything went well! If the noise becomes bothersome then we can definitely RMA the unit for you, but I would try plugging the pump power header into a different fan header on the board to see if there is any improvement.

curlysir 09-18-2009 08:20 PM

interesting fan arrangement. Which way do the fans blow?

OLK 09-19-2009 06:18 AM

the radiatorfan is running faster, so I dont have negative case pressure. with the good airflow I could have mounted the radiator an the back too, but I watch my core temps more than the others so I decided to build it that way. either your mobo or ur cpu has a few degrees more or less (not testet yet). 120mm fan on the accelero is an inside fan.

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