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Old 11-11-2006, 02:42 PM
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Default Asus P4C800-E Deluxe onboard INTEL RAID question - does this make sense?

Hi everyone, I had a bit of a scare today when I added 2 new SATA 300 drives to my system. If you are familiar with the p4c800 deluxe boards, they have 4 SATA connectors, all of which are capable of RAID0 configuration via the onboard intel raid chipset.

My original setup was 2 WD 36GB raptor drives striped as RAID 0 giving me 72GB of space. When I added the two new sata300 hard drives, my intel raid configuration came up as failed, not found, broken, etc. Also, the 2 new drives were not listed at all. I immediately disconnected those 2 drives, when I booted back, the onboard intel raid configuration came up as recognizing my 2 original drives again, but the raid array was not defined. It said it could restore the array, so I did that and now I am back in my OS again.

I called ASUS support and the tech told me that this board does not support sata300 but only sata150 and that if I could get these 2 drives set to sata 150 only, I should not have any problems with the onboard intel raid going haywire after I reconnect these.

I found the jumper pins to bring these to sata150, I dont want these drives to be a part of the raid array, I just need them as standalone drives.

Does it make sense that by simply bringing these down to sata150 my onboard intel raid wont go crazy again? I would have thought everything would have remained in tact in the first place, but the 2 new drives would just not appear. I am in big trouble if I lose my raid 0 stripe gets botched beyond repair.

Thanks for any advice, you all are very knowledgable here and I appreciate your help tremedously.

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Old 11-12-2006, 12:46 AM
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both drives are in, the jumper is set to bring the drive down to sata150. The drives however will not come up in the bios, the intel raid bios, nor the os under device manager. Not sure what to do from here, the intel raid utility at the least should be recognizing this. They are Western Digital Caviar drvies.
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Old 11-12-2006, 11:01 AM
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Do you want the 2 new drives in a raid by themselves? Aslo does that board have 2 raid/sata controllers? An intel and a promise controller perhaps?

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Old 11-12-2006, 11:06 PM
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Apparantly this was an issue with the board itself, the intel controller would not pick up the drives, but when i activated the promise controller, the bios and the controller itself finally recognized it. When I got into XP, there was also a known issue with the promise drivers and this asus board that I finally got around, they are not set up as raid at the moment. Looks like everything is working great now though :)
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Old 12-13-2006, 02:03 PM
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Idea They will work!


I have the exact mobo and I had the worst time setting it up. The people at Maxtor (now Seagate) say it won't work, but that is incorrect. Re-connect your SATA 150 Raid 0 and then plug one of the new drives (the SATA 300's) into the upper SATA controller (3 or 4 doesn't matter). Boot to your old OS and open the DISKMGMT.MSC in the START>RUN>DISKMGMT.MSC choose the non-allocated drive and format to prep for RAID. Shut down and then switch to your second SATA 300s so the other is in and repeat the above steps.
If you are looking to transfer the drive (150's) to the RAID, 1st define the RAID in the Fastrax 378 (define the blank 300's as RAID ARRAY 1), shutdown, unplug them and switch them to the upper two SATA plugs and include the originals on the lower two and boot (check your BIOS defs and switch to SATA Enhanced on first page).

Take a deep breath

Boot to windows OS from the old drives and again goto DISKMGMT.MSC

Make sure that the management window sees only 2 total drives and then you can run Ghost 10 to clone (super fast and easy). Once it is completely finished

Shutdown, unplug all drives, replug the fresh copies (500GB at 300) into the 2 bottom (RAID) controllers and start computer directly into the BIOS and check the hard disk list to see the array, check the boot priority to make sure it's in floppy>cd-rom>hard disk array (FTXARRAY 1). save and reboot.

WHEN YOU REBOOT make sure you have a WIN 98SE (yeah, I know, just do it though) floppy boot, start without cdrom support and wait for the startup tools to complete (you might get a abort, cancel, try again, fail choice so choose FAIL "F"). hit dir in the A:/dir and look to make sure the fdisk file is there.

Now type "fdisk /mbr" WITH THE SPACE INCLUDED! This should drop the independent recognition and boot failure and make the machine and OS think it is a single disk (it works cause it's before the BIOS acquisition).


remove the floppy and fling it across the room proceed to boot the device.

A single STAT II 300 (500GB) works just fine and so will the RAID of the same color.

Hope this solves your problem.


PS Whatever you do DO NOT USE MaxBlast 4. It cannot recognize the difference of the RAID and errors every time in or out of the Windows shell. I also believe the Western Digital data lifeguard has the same issue. it revolves around the mod odidev.dll (native to both crappy software) not being able to see a RAID as a single drive.
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