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Nintari, Yes, you cannot be sure what conditions the other post's results were done with, plus all the other variables. In my experience with i7-2600k's, once you go above 4.5 - 4.6GHz, it is much more difficult to get those OC's at good temps. I would recommend leaving BCLK at 100MHz, and just change the multiplier, you will not get much from increasing BCLK and it seems to have immediate negative affects.

Again I must say, your fans are different than the Corsair's, and might not have the static pressure the Corsair's do. Also, I read that large fans like the CM 200mm models (which I use in a CM case) do not have high static pressure for some reason. So they might not be a good candidate to use with a radiator.

Personally, I use Scythe fans, they can be quiet and move good volumes of air.
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