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I have the exact setup! Can you post your complete bios setup? Your temps arenít bad at all, compares with what I get. I suspect some of the claims of low temps and voltages at 4.8-5 GHz are with hyper threading turned off. Kind of non realistic as that basically makes a 2600k the same as a 2500k. Sort of like in my business saying a suppressor is quiet but squirting a shot of water in it before firing to enhance suppression.

My results before my fan controller went bad. RMA to NewEgg. I can run the fans of the MB but figure it should not have went bad so I'll try another one. MSI P67A-GD65/2600K at 4.8 with prime 95 blend is running 66-72-73-69 average with highs of 72-78-80-76 and my idle sits at 41-40-43-42 (ambi 25.5c) on high fan which is pretty noisy. Sounds like a loud microwave. I'm running 1.4vcore and 1.521 dram v's with corsair vengance 1600 mhz 16G. If I laser thermometer my lines their at 32c.

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