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Old 02-17-2019, 12:46 PM
DubSteve68 DubSteve68 is offline
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Default Vengeance PRO RGB poor colour consistency

Hi All

I recently picked up a 32GB kit of Vengeance PRO RGB DDR4 3000C15 as reviews said they were pretty much the best in town as far as RGB quality goes.

There is so much to like about these and the config options are great but unfortunately the RGB colour consistency on my kit is very poor. Worse than that, the colour is inconsistent across the RGB LEDs on each DIMM.

As a photographer I'm maybe a little more sensitive to colour casts than some but that's not the issue. Tuning the RGB settings for a neutral white is easy enough for an individual RGB LED, the problem is there are several LEDs showing distinctly different hues and some of the iCue lighting effects cannot compensate for individual LED hues. I'd fully expect to need to do some tuning to match the kit's white setting to that of the GPU and motherboard but that's simply not possible if I can't get a consistent white across the DIMM kit.

This really shouldn't be an issue on a premium quality component, and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect excellent colour uniformity given the "RGB PRO" title. Setting the LEDs to white is an excellent way to highlight consistency and quality, neither of which seem to be on display here. I guess if many folks are running their kits in unicorn mode they'll never notice the lack of consistency.

The first image shows the deviations from white across all the DIMMs (ALL LEDs set to R:255 G:255 B:255) and the second shows a single LED illuminated on two neighbouring DIMMs (again, LEDs set to R:255 G:255 B:255).

Have I got a kit from a bad batch or are they all this poor? Is it worth returning them for another set or should I just go with another manufacturer? I had higher expectations from this kit and am wondering whether to cancel my order for an LL120 kit if it's going to be equally patchy.

Not that it's relevant or will have any bearing on what looks to be a quality control issue but I'm using the latest iCue and the DIMMs are on the latest firmware, and there's no other RGB software running...

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Old 02-18-2019, 02:41 AM
Corsair Rick Corsair Rick is offline
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Hello DubSteve68,

Sorry to see those lighting issues. Are you on the latest BIOS for your board? I have seen lighting/detection issues with your board on previous BIOS versions. What is your iCUE version?
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Old 02-18-2019, 04:42 PM
DubSteve68 DubSteve68 is offline
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Hi Rick,

Thanks for the response. BIOS is up to date, as is the version of iCue (3.12.118) and DRAM firmware (0.96.57).

This really doesn't look like a software or firmware issue - with software control enabled I can manually check each individual RGB LED and there are no detection or sync issues. There is no consistent pattern and if I move the DIMMs between slots the colour inconsistencies follow the DIMMs, not the slot.

Every DIMM shows colour patches where there should be none and they all look like muted pastel rainbows as shown in the first photograph. Each DIMM has its own particular colour inconsistency, the most noticeable ones highlighted below.

  1. 1x green
  2. 1x green, 2x magenta
  3. 1x magenta
  4. 1x magenta

Now I completely understand that with only 10 LEDs you're not going to get a perfectly even illumination across each DIMM, but it's not unreasonable to expect each of those 10 LEDs to give the same colour (or shade of white) for a given set of RGB values. I could live with that.

On the first DIMM, as an example, there appear to be 5 LEDs which are a very close match, 4 with varying mild magenta casts and one with a distinct green cast. I'm not going to break each one down right now but each DIMM has at least one LED with a noticeable cast that's different to the others.

As I said before, it wouldn't be a problem (and would actually be expected) if all the LEDs had a uniform colour cast that was different to the other components in my system. A uniform cast can be tuned out to match other components but the colour casts of individual LEDs aren't so easy to deal with - and shouldn't even be a thing that needs dealing with.

So my original question still stands, have I simply got a set from a bad batch or are they all like this? The Vengeance RGB PROs offer terrific animation possibilities and seem to represent the state-of-the-art for custom illumination, but it would be a real shame if they were let down by QC issues. Not everyone wants a PC filled with rainbows, and I don't think it's that unusual for someone to want to go with a black and white theme. Sure, I could just buy components with a fixed colour, but then matching that colour across components is difficult (if not impossible) without fine RGB control. Also, I might decide to go for an orange theme (as an example) in 6 month's time which wouldn't be an option if I bought fixed-colour components.

I'd really like to see a set of these with lighting set to static and colour set to R:255 G:255 B:255 showing perfect colour evenness, if only to demonstrate Corsair are on top of their game with QC (and that a replacement set might actually deliver the quality I'm hoping for...). As I originally said, there's a lot to like about the Vengeance PRO RGBs and it would be disappointing if I had to replace them with a different design, albeit a different design with better consistency.
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Old 02-20-2019, 05:12 AM
DubSteve68 DubSteve68 is offline
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I'm guessing by the way nobody has stepped up and said my RAM kit doesn't look right that this is in fact normal, and that they all look this patchy when set to a static colour.

After playing around a little more I've noticed the defects aren't visible when the LEDs are set to one of the primary colours, but setting the DIMMs to any static colour choice involving more than one primary shows the problem straight away. Choosing cyan, magenta or yellow from the basic presets highlights the lack of colour uniformity and it looks awful. This might be tolerable if these were the cheapest on the market but they're not, they're from a premium brand that I've used for years.

I've still a week or so left to send these back for a full refund so if there's anyone out there who can confirm I've a bad set I'd be willing to give Corsair the benefit of the doubt. If not then I'll spend my money elsewhere...
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Old 02-20-2019, 07:39 PM
Corsair Mint Corsair Mint is offline
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Hey, DubSteve68, I've shot you a PM so we can discuss this a little more.
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Old 02-27-2019, 10:08 AM
DubSteve68 DubSteve68 is offline
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Quick update for anyone with similar issues. It's now five days since I last spoke to a Corsair representative, and while they were very helpful and keen to have the kit returned to them for investigation our window of opportunity to do this has now closed and the kit will be returned to Amazon for a refund.

Originally Posted by Corsair Mint
Hi! What you've described is definitely out of the norm and I understand your concerns here due to the time constraints. What I could do is request for a set first to verify that it doesn't have the same discoloration. Then, if we're still before your return window, get your set in to us while cross shipping the replacement set to you.

Amazon is indeed faster and I would normally suggest going direct through Amazon for the speed, but this issue caught our attention and an analysis would be very beneficial. However, regardless of our desire for analysis, we want this resolved as quick and smoothly as we can for you as the priority.
It’s disappointing that I’ve not heard anything more on the subject when it was clear there was a definite time constraint. I thought we had a chance of making some progress as this should be a great product and I didn’t particularly want to return it, but equally didn’t want to be stuck with a product I was unhappy with. I do wonder if this is a broader problem that is going unnoticed by those using animated rainbow configurations as it’s only really apparent with single static colours using a mix of RGB, such as yellow, purple or white.

I was briefly tempted to return the set and upgrade to the new Dominator RGB but I couldn’t be bothered facing the same potential QC issues with the lighting so have ordered some memory from a completely different manufacturer.
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Old 03-02-2019, 08:50 AM
Simozzz Simozzz is offline
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Same trouble here.
2 of 4 memory sticks have some LEDs that are off when static color is set. Most notably at white and yellow.

So I have to keep two of them in rainbow mode for distraction while two other use for CPU and GPU temperature control (Blue-Green-Red gradient).

Anyone else have same issues with RGB PRO?
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colours, vengeance rgb pro

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