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Originally Posted by ocgenie View Post
Hello folks, to first start off, I have a H100i platnium, but this might also help some with different model AIO coolers.

I did some testing and found that (after support insight) that A 4 wire SATA extension connected between the PSU and the SATA power on the motor/pump will not power the pump OR might be a remedy of why some are not getting LED's turning working on their unit. I definitely found that in my case a molex to SATA converter doesn't work either.

So in conclusion, I found that going straight to the PSU's SATA works the best, I have not tried a 5 pin/wire SATA extension though.
Try this fix from ocgenie - It worked for me!

It was a molex to sata connection that was causing the problem all along.. Plugging it into a sata connector direct from PSU fixed the problem and the LEDs on pump now work!

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